OUR Patients

Here are just some of the patients that began their journey to health with The Better Weigh Center. We’ve asked them to give a “no hold barred” account of their journey. Enjoy!

Results are typical! Results are typical!



Watch my Journey After being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, one night I woke up gasping for air and that's what got me to consider the surgery


Watch my Journey I learned if you go through the process and follow it correctly, it can be a lifelong fix


Watch my Journey At Better Weigh I felt it was a more personal approach with a vested interest in care beyond the surgery and wanting to make sure I was successful.


Watch my Journey I always thought I could be 'chubby' and still be healthy until I had blood work and realized I was pre-diabetic and had liver problems.


Watch my Journey My family tells me that my attitude has changed, I'm happier, and physically I am able to do more


Watch my Journey The medial issues I was having before surgery, I no longer have. My blood pressure is controlled and I have no signs of diabetes anymore.


Watch my Journey I like the life I have now. I am able to run with my kids, I am able to walk up a flight of stairs, I am able to do things that I haven't since I was young.

Our Testimonial - Jessica


Watch my Journey When I was at my highest weight, I was exhausted all the time. I couldn't get on the floor to play with my daughter ...

Our Testimonial - Dave


Watch my Journey At the age of 45 I was eating less than I had been my entire life, but my weight just kept ballooning ...

Our Testimonial - Belen


Watch my Journey I had a lot of back pain and knee pain before surgery. I just wasn't at my fullest; I wasn't at my best.

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